I am the gate; whoever enters through me will be saved ~John 10:9

What is Gateway Presbyterian Church all about?
Gateway OPC is a church plant of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church in the St. Louis area. We are committed to the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior, the Bible as the Word of God, and to Bible based worship. We hope you’ll join us this Sunday to see for yourself what we’re all about.

What does Gateway OPC believe?
We are so glad you asked!  First of all we hold to the basic Christian doctrines such as are found in the Apostles Creed.  Additionally, Gateway OPC is a reformed church, which means that we hold to what are known as the “Doctrines of Grace” which were recovered during the Protestant Reformation. You can read more about what we believe here.

Should I bring my children to church?
Absolutely!  We are family friendly. We love to have children in our worship services and we highly encourage families to worship together. When you are with us, you can expect to hear the occasional cry or small voice of our children.  It is good for us to train our little ones to worship. However, we understand that there are times when children have difficulties (we understand, really!).  And so we do offer a place you are able to take your child if he or she become unruly, but where you can still hear what’s going on if you need. We want you to know that your children are welcome with us in worship!

What happens when I get to Gateway?
You will be greeted and given a bulletin as you enter the worship area. There are a number of friendly people around who would love to introduce themselves!

What do I do before the service starts?
If you arrive before the service starts, you will notice people greeting one another during this time.  You are welcome to take a seat, or you can visit with others, it’s completely up to you! There are no reserved seats, so you may sit anywhere you like.

What are the services like?
Our worship service generally lasts around 1 hour and 15 minutes. Our service is a time of joyful worship and praise and serious study of God’s Word. Typically we sing psalms and hymns, have a time of corporate confession of sin, make use of ancient creeds and confessions (such as the Apostles Creed, the Nicene Creed and the Westminster Confession of Faith) and hear an expository sermon. Here is a sample worship bulletin

How will I know when to stand?
The pastor or the worship leader will ask the congregation to stand or sit. Generally we stand while singing.

What is the pastor’s sermon like?
Pastor Paul gives Bible-based sermons lasting 30-40 minutes. You can listen to some here.

What do I do if I have questions or want to know more about Christ?
Come talk to Pastor Paul or an elder.  If you wish to put your trust in Jesus Christ or just pray please feel free to come and speak to one of them.

What if I have a prayer request or another need?
You can meet with one of the elders or call our office (636) 686-0780

Do I need to donate money when I visit?
Gateway OPC does believe tithing is a Biblical principle and we do encourage it and teach it. However, our guests should not feel under any obligation to give.

What happens after the service?
After worship people generally stay and fellowship, so please stay and let us introduce ourselves to you. On the 1st Sunday of the month, we have our Fellowship Meal which is a Pot Luck/Church Dinner, so please stay and eat with us, we would love to get to know you more. On the 3rd Sunday of the month we have “Doughnut Sunday” which is another opportunity to fellowship and enjoy sweet doughnuts and coffee.

What if I have more questions that I don’t find answers to here?
Give us a call, we would love to talk to you about any questions you may have.  Our number is (636) 686-0780

We hope to see you on Sunday!