I am the gate; whoever enters through me will be saved ~John 10:9

He Is Still At Work (Page 3)

He is still at work

A Family Letter

The Jerusalem Council, in Acts 15, resulted in a “family letter” being written to the church in Antioch.  The Gentile believers were not to be further burdened.  In fact, they were to be considered, full members of the covenant community. They did not have to follow all the customs and laws of Moses.  This news…

He is still at work

The Divine Drama of the Christian Faith

The Bible includes many different literary genres.  There are in the Scriptures poetry, wisdom, epistles (which are letters), prophecy and even apocalyptic literature (such as the book of Revelation). However, the vast majority of the Bible is actually narrative. It is history. It is the story of God and His dealings with His people. From Genesis to Revelation…