I am the gate; whoever enters through me will be saved ~John 10:9

Resting in the Raging Storm

In this study of Acts 27:1-44 we see that God’s people can rest even as the storm rages around us. God in his providence rules, directs, disposes and governs all his creatures and all their actions, from the greatest to the least. The Apostle Paul’s voyage to Rome took the turn that it did because of God’s providence. Everything from the ship that he sailed on to the wreckage in Malta were all part of God’s plan and for His glory. We ca see the hand of God, as those on the ship were ultimately protected from utter destruction.

We, as Christians serve a God who saves. Often he will providentially bring people through trials and difficulties in order to demonstrate his saving power. In the big picture we knew that Paul was to make it to Rome, for Jesus had said so. Therefore he had nothing to fear. And the one who follows after the Lord has nothing to fear either for though we have no promise of blessing in this life per-say. We do have the promise of eternal life and an eternal inheritance. For this reason, with an eye on eternity, we can rest in God’s promises through the raging storms of life. Our security is in the Lord.


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